BYDV tolerant winter barley

  • French bred six-row feed
  • Very early maturing and high specific weight
  • Good lodging and brackling resistance



Amistar has tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV) and has continued to impress with good performance since it first entered UK trials in 2016/17. It is very early to move in the spring and is early maturing. In trials without BYDV pressure, Amistar yielded similarly to KWS Cassia and KWS Tower (ca 100% controls) and had a specific weight akin to that of KWS Cassia. But it’s in fields with high BYDV pressure where Amistar really proves its worth. In Cambridgeshire trials during the contrasting seasons of 2017 & 2018, average yield losses varied between just 0.4-5% for Amistar, compared with a 6-19% loss when using susceptible varieties.

Amistar is not recommended. Data sources: KWS Trials 2017 and Funky* & KWS Glacier* AHDB RL Winter Barley 2019/20

AMISTAR data sheet

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