Centre stage for grain yield and drought tolerance!

  • Drought tolerant - No.1 in light land sites
  • Strong disease resistance
  • PollenPlus for low ergot risk



KWS Bono offers high yield performance for wholecrop or grain, with a strong harvest index (grains/ear). This delivers higher gas output for AD, and top grain yields up to 10t/ha. KWS Bono is also extremely drought tolerant. End markets for grain include pig finishing diets, whilst outlets for rye flour include baked goods & breakfast cereals, plus growing interest in rye for distilling use. Ergot resistance is assured using KWS’ PollenPlus® technology. Hybrid Rye has ultra-low take-all carryover, is aggressive in reducing blackgrass populations, and an ideal addition to all arable rotations.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS BONO data sheet
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Dominic Spurrier
Seed Development Manager and Hybrid Rye Product Manager
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