Drive your feedstock yield... step up to Propower!

  • Dedicated hybrid for AD - new benchmark for yield
  • High wholecrop yields (45t/ha +)
  • Biogas yield/tn similar to maize (200m³)



With in-built ergot resistance using KWS’ PollenPlus technology, coupled with rhynchosporium & brown rust resistance, KWS Propower is agronomically secure. Rye has ultra-low take-all carryover and is aggressive in reducing blackgrass populations, and it’s ideal as a second cereal or addition to all arable rotations.

*1 Unit = 1 Mio. Viable Seeds – packed in multiples of 12Un. (Equivalent to approx. 500 kg bulk bag) dep on TGW

Characteristics in numbers

KWS PROPOWER data sheet
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