KWS Sassy; the bold variety that keeps delivering

KWS Sassy was first introduced to the Recommended List in 2016 and since then has found favour with farmers in the North of the UK

KWS Sassy is a non GN producing, spring malting barley, which has strong potential to serve the UK distilling market. It has matching maturity to Concerto, however it boasts 11% higher yields in the North region.

KWS Sassy is fully MBC approved for malting and distilling and has the lowest screenings of any approved variety. It also has excellent hot water extract and low grain nitrogen.

Farmers' Opinions

“I do like bold varieties, it not only delivers you higher yield with lower screenings, it dilutes the grain nitrogen, and the Sassy average is notably lower that the others”

“Straw is worth the equivalent of an extra 1.25t/ha of grain yield. With Sassy it’s like you’ve cut a field of winter barley with the straw yield you get”
- Ian McHattie - Newfield Farm, Elgin

It’s our third year with this variety and its been yielding over 7.5 t/ha – that’s exceptional for us
Bruce Christie , Burghill Farms, Glen Esk

KWS Sassy has also impressed the Farmer's Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year

Scott Campbell, from Kirkton, Aberdeenshire was recently named 2019's Farmer's Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year.

Having grown the variety for the past 2 years, he has also found favour with KWS Sassy, generating impressive yields.

“Because Sassy has got a good yield and tillers well, it dilutes the nitrogen content. The nitrogen content is 1.4-1.5 which is good because on the contract it’s got to be below 1.65 – so it’s a great variety for local distilling markets."

It's also great for specific weight, screenings & skinning, which contributes to a germination that has sat at or above 98% for the last 2 years
Scott Campbell, Kirkton Farm, Kinellar, Aberdeenshire

"We’ve grown Sassy for two years now, with two very different harvests and it’s performed well across both. Sassy is fit for all weather, and has a great root system.

This year we’re looking to grow more, firstly because it out yielded Laureate on our farm and secondly because there was more straw, which we sell to local farmers.

Our neighbor's are looking at upping their acreage of Sassy as well.”

- Scott Campbell - Kirkton Farm, Kinellar, Aberdeenshire

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