The first choice spring oat for end users

  • Best combination of yield and kernel content and specific weight on the 2024/25 RL
  • Good specific weight and excellent hullability for end users
  • Good agronomics on-farm



From the Wiersum plant breeding stable that brought WPB Elyann to the UK market, WPB Isabel has established itself to be the UK’s most planted spring oat in 2023 and 2024 and for good reason too: it’s a variety that ticks all the boxes for the grower and the end-user. Tried and tested by UK growers over the past 4 contrasting seasons, WPB Isabel has the best combination of yield and kernel content on the 2024/25 RL. It has found end-user appeal thanks to its good specific weights (52.9 kg/hl), low screenings and most importantly, excellent kernel content. In the field, at 111cm, Isabel is a taller plant type but has very stiff straw gaining a score of 7 for lodging without PGR. Couple this with a good balanced disease resistances for mildew (5) and crown rust (5) and you have a variety that will be liked equally on-farm and in the oat mill.
WPB ISABEL datasheet
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