The tried and tested high yielding yellow pea with excellent protein content

  • Best combination of field yield and protein yield of the yellow peas on the 2024 Descriptive List
  • Medium height and stiff strawed to ensure a safe harvest
  • Good disease package including resistance to Pea wilt



Manager is a tried and tested yellow pea variety that has delivered on many UK farms across a range of sites and seasons. It has a strong disease resistance package including resistance to pea wilt and scores well for the other key diseases in peas such as downy mildew (6) and powdery mildew (moderate resistance). It has shorter, stiff straw allowing safe harvest making it the next step up from older competitor varieties. In the last four contrasting spring seasons, we have seen Manager demonstrate consistently high yields when compared to other varieties. More importantly the variety produces one of the best combinations of field yield and protein of the yellow peas on the 2024 PGRO DL, making it an attractive option for both farmers and end-users alike.
KWS MANAGER data sheet

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