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What is Sowing for Peak Performance

Sowing for Peak Performance is an initiative from KWS that goes beyond the information you glean from the Recommended List.

Sowing for Peak Performance will help you consider the unique factors affecting variety performance on your farm to ensure you choose the right varieties to optimise performance and maximise your return on investment.

Sowing for Peak Performance will highlight the value that plant genetics can now play in variety selection as many factors are heavily influenced… and even fixed by variety choice.

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Dynamic Wheats

High yields, good physical grain quality, solid agronomic characteristics and more!

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Your consultants

James Maguire
James Maguire
Sales Manager & SBU Special Crops / Organics Product Manager
Tel.: 07979 652384
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Kirsty Richards
Kirsty Richards
Cereals Product Manager
Tel.: 07748960726
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