Sow early - harvest early

  • Ideal for early drilling and very early to harvest
  • Quick and easy to combine
  • Ideally suited to very fertile sites



One of the most versatile feed wheats available, Grafton is a consistent performer and is the ideal partner for later maturing wheats. It remains the best variety for early drilling thanks to its slow speed of development. Its early maturity and easy combining, usually ensures a great start to harvest. Grafton’s early sown performance is supported by its combination of the Pch-1 Rendezvous gene for eyespot and exceptional specific weight. Nothing is shorter and stiffer, so a chlormequat PGR programme is all that is needed. Being relatively shy tillering, best practice is to increase seed rates by 50 seeds sq m more than you’d normally use, but being such a short, stiff variety, this won’t compromise standing ability. Grafton is no longer on the AHDB RL, data is taken from the 2018/19 RL.

KWS Grafton is no longer recommended. All data is taken from the 2018/19 Recommended List.

KWS GRAFTON data sheet

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