A robust package for the South

  • Excellent end use potential
  • Good physical grain quality wuth short and stiff straw
  • Good all-round disease resistance



KWS Basset ideally suits farmers in the South. An easy to grow variety, its robust agronomic package will appeal to those growing for traditional biscuit markets. With a positive rating for uks KWS Basset opens a wide range of market opportunities. KWS Basset is a Scout cross and offers the same all-round disease resistance as its parent, as well as OWBM resistance. KWS Basset performs well when early sown and is a good choice as a second wheat. It has a good combination of disease resistance and Hagberg for sprouting.

KWS Basset is no longer recommended. All data is taken from the 2021/22 Recommended List.

KWS BASSET data sheet

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