The thinking farmer's wheat!

  • Exceptionally stiff strawed
  • Outstanding late drilled performance
  • Excellent combination of yield, yellow rust and OWBM resistance



KWS Cranium, a hard Group 4 wheat which offers farmers the ultimate in risk management tools thanks to its ability to perform well in all of the major situations that significantly impact yield. Suited to the mainstream sowing slots KWS Cranium really excels in late drilling where it tops the yields charts at 105%. Add good performance in the 1st and second wheat slots and you have a variety that is really flexible for many farming situations. The variety has a good disease package with good Septoria tritici (5.9) and decent brown rust and mildew resistance too. Critically, KWS Cranium adds seedling and adult yellow rust resistance (9) to the hard Group 4 sector. This in combination with its high yields (102% UK, 103% East), OWBM resistance and substantially stiffer straw than even the best varieties on the RL make KWS Cranium make a ‘no-brainer’ choice for your farm.
KWS CRANIUM data sheet

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