The thinking man's wheat!

  • Highest yielding candidate for 2020/21
  • Vigorous growth habit that establishes quickly after sowing
  • Short and stiff plant type



KWS Cranium is a hard Group 4 wheat that adds some key elements to the farm management toolbox. A mainstream sower, it has an upright plant habit like its parent KWS Crispin but is a shorter and stiffer plant type.

Suited to the mainstream and later sowing slots, KWS Cranium gets away early in the spring making it ideal for those looking for an option to outcompete blackgrass or create a good plant stand in a direct drilled situation.

The variety has a decent disease package although at a score of 4, mildew will have to be monitored. KWS Cranium is resistant to OWMB.

As a later maturing type (+2), KWS Cranium can help spread the workload at harvest. The variety delivers a reliable grain package with good HFN (225) and specific weight (75.6kg/hl).

Characteristics in numbers

KWS CRANIUM data sheet
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