Now that's a special combination!

  • Exceptional specific weight (80.0 kg/hl)
  • Very high yield potential across all regions of the UK
  • Super flexible on-farm with a wide sowing window



Awesome Dawsum, the excellent barn-filling choice with outstanding grain quality including one of the highest specific weights on the market today. New in 2022 from KWS is a hard Group 4 wheat that offers growers the ultimate flexibility on-farm, delivering fantastic yields right across the rotation if you are drilling early (107%), mainstream (104%) or late sown slots ([104%]). Combine these benefits with the excellent disease package, the variety delivers an untreated yield (95%) second only to KWS Extase and includes 6.4 for Septoria and 9 for yellow rust. Add in the exceptionally marketable grain and you have a truly D-awsome variety that will earn itself a place on every farm this season!
KWS DAWSUM data sheet

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