High yielding spring feed wheat

  • Very high yielding spring feed wheat
  • Good all-round disease package
  • Consistent over different sites and spring seasons



KWS Fixum is an exceptionally high-yielding spring wheat that resets the yield bar for spring wheats with a yield of 106% of treated control. During its testing over the last very different spring seasons, KWS Fixum has delivered consistently high yields no matter the weather conditions under which it has been grown. Couple this exciting package with good grain quality, including a strong specific weight (77.6kg/hl) and a good disease profile with [8] for mildew, 7 for brown rust resistance, 7 for yellow rust and [6] for Septoria. Add all of that together and you have a really attractive package to add tonnes of grain to the feed wheat heap.
KWS FIXUM data sheet

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