Sky high feed wheat yields!

  • Proven performance across contrasting seasons
  • Highest yielding late sown wheat
  • Strong disease resistance, including OWBM



Like its parent, KWS Santiago, KWS Kerrin is making a strong name for itself in the Group 4 hard feed market. By providing a consistent performance across regions, soil types and drilling dates; it is a variety that is reliable and has proven very popular with farmers across the UK.

KWS Kerrin’s disease package is robust, with sevens across the board for mildews and the rusts. Having OWBM resistance paired with a Septoria tritici score of a solid 5.0, gives the variety all round appeal and sets KWS Kerrin apart from its competition.

Additionally, KWS Kerrin has a superior specific weight at 76.5 kg/hl and has a similar plant type and growth habit to KWS Santiago. Commercial experience supports our own data, suggesting that KWS Kerrin also has good resistance to sprouting.

Characteristics in numbers

KWS KERRIN data sheet
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