The unique wheat with grain quality, early maturity and stiff straw

  • A unique type, unlike any variety on the current Recommended List
  • Earlier maturity than any Recommended variety
  • Shorter and stiffer strawed than any wheat on the 2021 RL

KWS Parkin, small but mighty



Falling just short of making it onto the Recommended List, this Group 4 hard wheat is small and mighty and could still offer growers something truly unique this autumn.

KWS Parkin is the ideal choice. It can be drilled across a range of soil types although its best yield performances may come from heavier soils. From our own trials we’ve seen that it is highly suitable for both first and second wheat positions.

To get the best out of KWS Parkin, growers should consider drilling this variety before the 25th September.

KWS Parkin’s other stand out feature is its height, at 78.6cm, it’s an impressive 15cm shorter than the tallest variety on the RL and super stiff too. Another unique aspect of the variety is its earliness to harvest. The official score for ripening comes in at a -1 compared with Skyfall control at a zero. On larger farms, or in certain locations, having a variety that is earlier to mature is incredibly valuable as it allows you to get the harvest going.

KWS Parkin is a great choice for growers that are looking for something different – if you are looking to get quickly out of the blocks this season, then it should be the first wheat you put in your drill.

Visualisation of Parkin's early maturity

Download the KWS Parkin Grower's Guide here!

Characteristics in numbers

KWS PARKIN data sheet

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