#SuperSiskin - with great versatility comes great opportunity

  • Excellent combination of yellow rust (9) and Septoria tritici (6.8) resistance
  • Superb physical grain quality
  • Vigorous growth habit with wide sowing window



Combining high yields, exceptional Hagberg (297), strong protein and its positive UKP status - KWS Siskin opens multiple end markets for farmers, unlocking premiums for their shed load of grain. In addition time after time it has proven its consistency across soil types, performing well as both a first and second wheat. KWS Siskin has a strong disease resistance profile; its untreated yield (87% treated controls) is mainly due to its resistance to Septoria tritici (6.8) and yellow rust (9). Importantly, it is one of the few varieties on the current RL to have excellent resistance to yellow rust in both juvenile and adult plants .
KWS SISKIN data sheet

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