Resilient, Reliable, Returns. KWS Zealum has you covered!

  • Exceptional performance in the early sown slot
  • Super stiff strawed
  • High yielding soft Group 4 with premium market opportunities



New for soft wheat growers is KWS Zealum – a high yielding wheat that boasts a good combination of yellow rust resistance, eyespot resistance and OWBM resistance. KWS Zealum is a shorter type with very stiff straw, and thanks to these attributes will perform very well on heavier land. KWS Zealum offers mainstream maturity with the additional bonus of good resistance to sprouting.
One of the main reasons for supporting KWS Zealum is that it brings additional genetic diversity to the soft wheat sector, which is dominated by Cougar crosses.
Laura Beaty, Seed Grain Director - McCreath Simpson & Prentice
KWS ZEALUM data sheet

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