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    A unique system that combines effective ingredients for stronger, lusher plants and better root development.


The combination of INITIO is what makes the difference

  • Fungicidal and bird repellency
  • Better root development, early vigour benefits
  • Beter germination at lower temperature


The new INITIO BIRD PROTECT combines strong early growth, which causes the corn to quickly outgrow the sensitive size, with a new solution for bird protection.

The new solution gives budding seeds and plants an unpleasant taste, which ensures that birds will not eat them. On the other hand, the product has a very low toxicity, so a good seed treatment is ensured.

* Use INITIO BIRD PROTECT in complete safety. Always read the instructions and product information before starting.

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What are the INITIO BIRD PROTECT Benefits?

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What makes INITIO treatment so effective?

Zinc and manganese:

  • Improve cell wall formation, stabilization of cell membranes, pathogen defence, and ability to withstand early season stress.
  • Support root growth & development

Bird protection agent

  • Systemic chemical product
  • Protects seed against bird feeding

P-mobilizing microorganism (B. megaterium):

  • Efficient nutrient uptake makes phosphate available for the plant
  • Soil temperature activity range: 3°C and above

Humic acids:

  • Longer and more developed root systems: promote root growth and development (primary and rootlets).
  • Increased nutrient uptake at the root.

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