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    A unique system that combines effective ingredients for stronger, lusher plants and better root development.


The combination of INITIO is what makes the difference

  • Fungicidal and bird protection
  • Increased root development, early vigour benefits
  • Better germination at lower temperature

Pesticides must be used with caution. Always read the label and product information before use.


Germination tests in climatic chambers show that seeds treated with INITIO BIRD PROTECT germinate faster. After 9 days, 83% of the treated plants have germinated and only 20% of the untreated plants have reached the soil surface.

Treating with zinc and manganese, combined with humic acid gives a faster germination process. The plants emerge faster, with stronger root development. and increased early vigour.

The faster and more vigorous germination process gives young plants an advantage over seeds that are simply protected from attack by germinating fungi.

Germination trials were conducted both in soils with normal pH (reaction number) and in soils with low phosphorus availability.

Germination trials under cold conditions were carried out in a soil with normal pH and with two different species.

Plant measurements showed that seeds with INITIO BIRD PROTECT yielded 18% more biomass and 13% more dry matter than standard pickled seeds.

Both standard stained seeds and seeds stained with INITIO BIRD PROTECT were protected against germination fungi with Redigo M. The effect was clearly seen shortly after germination, and seeds without fungal protection were significantly stunted.

INITIO PRO - Superior Protection for your Seed

This treatment contains all the benefits of IBP plus Force 20 CS (tefluthrin), an effective insecticide for wireworm protection.

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