Django storms to 20,000 hectares


Interest in a new conventional oilseed rape showing barn-filling yield potential spread quickly last year. Although yet to gain Recommended List status – it is up for consideration this year – Django’s performance in national list trials proved enough to convince those looking for a new variety offering good yield and stem stiffness to give a go. As a result, it was sown across 20,000 hectares in 2017; a rare achievement for a variety still to receive recommendation.

Django is a conventional variety from KWS. It beat all other varieties in the 2017 trial, including hybrids and other conventional types, with a UK-wide average yield of 106% of controls.

Its yield potential will be what captured growers’ attention, but it is its easy-to-manage versatility on farm that will truly endear it to growers.

Arguably the stiffest variety available – it is the shortest non-semi dwarf variety in trials – seed rates can be manipulated at sowing to reflect seedbed conditions and pest pressures without fear of inducing lodging later in the season. Combined with its early vigour, Django’s growth habit can be used to its advantage where concerns exist over flea beetle or pigeon pressure.

Growers can also utilise its good disease resistance when planning fungicide applications. Robust resistance to both light leaf spot and phoma stem canker it will be the natural successor to another popular KWS conventional variety, Charger.

It is not as well suited to late drilling as Campus. Instead, it performs best in the main drilling window between mid-August and early-September. Those looking to spread the drilling workload should sow it after Barbados, but before Campus.

It also impressed in NIAB trials in 2016 where it was noted for its compact structure with strong farmer appeal.

It has low glucosinolate, average oil content and is short for non-semi dwarf. It’s average to flower and mid-to-late to mature. Django is a serviceable variety and if its current gross output and yield is maintained, it’s a variety growers will want to try.

Django's national list trials performance compared with control:

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