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    Beet Seed Service

The Beet Seed Service is available to all growers of KWS varieties

Your partner in case of re-sowing

  • Field specific advice
  • Available for all KWS varieties 
  • For all KWS EDP 2.0 pelleted seed, both for classic and SMART varieties

The Principle of Beet Seed Service

Should you need to re-sow your beet crop we will offer the replacement seed at 50% of the initial sale price of the seed.

For example, if you were to spend £180 per unit on KWS EPD treated seed and needed to re-sow, the seed cost for re-sowing would be £90 per unit.

The 4 steps to participate


Register for Beet Seed service by signing up to myKWS. Register your fields within the Beet Seed Service tool.


If the crop fails to establish to a satisfactory level with 8 weeks of driling, submit a damage report via the Beet Seed Service website or app.


A member of the KWS team will visit to discuss your crop and the need to re-sow


If re-sowing is required, KWS will supply the seed directly and invoice at 50% of your initial invoice price. Payment is not due until 1st October in the year of drilling.

How to register for Beet Seed Service

Terms and Conditions

Replacement seed offered to growers through KWS Beet Seed Service must be re-sown in the year it is provided.