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    Pulling Bolters

Effective Weed Beet Control in CONVISO® SMART FIELDS

CONVISO® SMART represents an effective way to control classic weed beets in the field and it is the best solution for farmers that have struggled to control weed beets.

To preserve the benefits from the system it is essential that bolters from CONVISO® SMART sugar beet varieties are controlled at the proper time to avoid seed shedding and the generation of weed beet from SMART varieties, since those cannot be controlled by ALS inhibitor herbicides.

Bolter control is in your hands! Professionals pull every bolter!

SMART farmers should pull out every bolter as early as possible. Young bolters are faster to pull, can be removed by hand, and do not need to be taken out of the field. You should always remove the bolters as soon as they are identified and before there is any risk of seed shedding on the ground.

Efficient weed management is in your hands:
choose the best strategies based on the weed situation in your fields.

10 commandments


Reduction of viable seed in the soil

Sugar beet seed can be viable up to 20 years in the soil and each bolter produces 2.000 viable seeds that can remain for a long time in the field.


Bolter management

SMART farmers should pull out every bolter. Weed beet of Smart varieties cannot be controlled by ALS inhibitors.


Pull bolters early

The earlier you pull the bolters out of the field, the easier it is. There is no need of tools or digging, no need to carry the bolters out if they are not seedling, and no extra machinery necessary.


Bolters caused yield losses and act as host plants

One large bolter per square meter can reduce yield in up to 11% due to competition for water, nutrients and sun light. Besides that, weed beet and bolters can be hosts for cyst nematodes, rhizomania, aphids and fungal diseases.


Late pulling means you need to walk more

Pulling late results in longer distances, since mature bolters need to be collected and removed from the fields.


Early pulling means small root size

Small roots allow faster and easier removal, without need of tools or digging.


Early removal means lower costs

With early pulling of bolters less machinery and tools are needed as well as less human labor.


Lower risk to spread seeds

Bolters should be pulled before or during flowering. Just pull the bolters, break the stem close to the root and leave the bolter on the field. If removed after flowering bolters need to be taken out of the field to prevent mature seeds to remain in the ground.


Lower costs on following crops

Weed beet of CONVISO® SMART varieties are not controlled with ALS-inhibitor herbicides in the following crops, what can increase the cost of weed control in the following season.


Less risk of cross pollination

Pull bolters early to avoid cross pollination from CONVISO®SMART bolters with classic bolters

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