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Harvest '23 variety performance

Throughout harvest 2023, we will be updating our page with the latest feedback from you, the farmers, about our KWS varieties.

If you've got any news you'd like to share with us, please get in touch! In addition, don't forget to enter our Harvest Photo and Video Competition, to be in with the chance of winning a pair of KWS Canterbury shorts or a KWS goodie bag! Just click here.


KWS Tayo withstands poor weather in Oxfordshire

Crop: Hybrid Rye
Variety: KWS Tayo

“This is our first time growing KWS Tayo. Amazing standing ability considering the summer! Very impressed.”

Frank Nixey


First time KWS Tayo grower impressed with its performance

Crop: Hybrid Rye
Variety: KWS Tayo

“Hybrid Rye Tayo performing for us this year - out yielding winter wheat whilst growing on some very drought prone land #harvest23 #barnfiller”

Tim Young
Farm Consultant & Farmer


KWS Extase performs well on Heathcote Farms

Crop: Winter Wheat
Variety: KWS Extase

“Extase looks to be performing well this year. This 15ha field did 12.61t/ha at 14.5% with a 12.3% protein”

Heathcote Farms Ltd


KWS Tardis yields well in Lincolnshire

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: KWS Tardis

“The Tardis has been good, it’s yielded really well, the best conventional barley yields we’ve had!”

James Willox
Birchwood Farm,Saxilby,


Dorset farmers pleased with KWS Dawsum

Crop: Winter Wheat
Variety: KWS Dawsum

“Very very good crop of KWS Dawsum, lots of straw and very happy with the yield!”

Emma Foot
Haywards Farm
Wareham, Dorset


KWS Tardis performs exceptionally well in Toddington barley trials

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: KWS Tardis

“After 120mm this month we finally got all the Winter Barley cut. Trial plots(0.15ha) mirror our 2 commercial blocks with KWS Tardis doing exceptionally well."

Andrew Robinson
Heathcote Farms
Toddington, Bedfordshire


Success in Powys with KWS Tardis!

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: KWS Tardis

“A record breaker here! 16ha field of Tardis, dry weight of 11.2t/ha and masses of straw. I’m over the moon! What a variety!”

Adrian Jones
Clawdd Coch Farm
Powys/Shropshire border


KWS Feeris impresses in an organic system

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: KWS Feeris

“First year of growing Feeris, its looked great throughout the season and averaged 5.2t/ha in our organic system this year."

Paul Barnes
South Ormsby Estate


Basil the lab approves of KWS Tardis!

Crop: Winter Barley
Variety: KWS Tardis

“Winter barley all combined and all straw baled too in good conditions. KWS Tardis coming in top with some very pleasing yields and great swaths of straw."

Annabel Hamilton
Family farm in the Scottish borders


Selby farmer very pleased with KWS Granos

Crop: Winter Oilseed Rape
Variety: KWS Granos

“Grabbing a bit of rape, KWS Granos. 4.75t/ha at 9% moisture."

Tony Hinch
Aire & Ouse Farms

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