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At KWS, internal and external dialogue plays a key role in the implementation of sustainability. We communicate what we do. In this way, our entrepreneurial actions are understandable, at all levels and in every area. KWS dialogue is characterised by as much openness as possible, and trust in its dialogue partners.

KWS stakeholders are not only customers, shareholders and employees. Other actors in the entire food value chain (food processors and retailers, end consumers), as well as politicians, authorities, non-governmental organisations and science and media, all have claims on us, or interests in the development of KWS or the industry.

Therefore, it is important to consider the requirements of the entire stakeholder universe within the framework of the company's development. For this reason, a wide range of relevant stakeholders are invited to dialogue events to hold discussions from various perspectives.

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    With the international stakeholder dialogue, we take into account the issues and requirements of globalised agriculture

    Henning von der Ohe, Head of Corporate Development

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