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    Seed Quality, Maize

Sustainable seed quality for your success in maize cultivation!

Optimum seed quality is the basis for sustainably successful maize cultivation. Through modern breeding work and careful production, KWS provides you with high quality and efficient equipment. With regard to the quality of the seed, a distinction is made between external and internal quality criteria.

Internal and external quality factors are crucial

The 4 most important criteria of external quality

High quality is rightly expected from farmers. KWS pays special attention to the following factors:

  • Technical purity: the seed must be free from contamination
  • Homogeneous calibre and thousand-kernel weight enable uniform separation during sowing
  • Highest pickling quality: the prescribed amount of active ingredient must adhere to each grain
  • Optimal, low water content ensures good shelf-life

The 3 most important criteria of internal quality

KWS goes above and beyond the legal standard when complying with the criteria.
Through continuous testing of the following internal quality characteristics, we lay the foundation for successful cultivation:

  • The seed is sorted ("genetic purity")
  • High germination capacity: legally at least 90% normal seedlings under optimal conditions
  • High germination power: highest possible percentage of normal seedlings under difficult conditions