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    Maize for Energy Use

The all-round talent maize - also at the forefront of biogas production!

In recent years, the production of energy crops has become established in agriculture as an additional branch of industry. Energy crop cultivation is operated with the same professionalism as other branches of industry. Among the different uses of plants for energy production, the generation of biogas is the most widespread.

Source: KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

Source: KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

Due to its high biomass performance, maize silage makes up the largest share of raw materials for the biogas plant with more than 80% of the substrates used. Sugarbeet and hybrid rye are also available for use in the biogas plant.

The good preservability of silage maize guarantees a year-round supply for the biogas plant. By focusing on special types of energy maize strains, you can decisively influence your area efficiency through variety selection.

High dry matter yields per hectare, steady breeding yield improvement and high gas yields per kg of maize guarantee economic advantages compared to many other crops. The excellent silage capability, storability and fermentability, well-known production and preservation methods and low-cost production make maize indispensable for the production of biogas.

The fermentation residues accumulating during biogas production are returned to the fields. Maize can make especially good use of these fermentation residues. Thus, the waste products of biogas production are used meaningfully.

Our energy maize varieties

The variety selection for use as a substrate in the biogas plant differs somewhat from the use as a basic feed in animal nutrition. The basis for a high variety performance is a variety adapted to the location, which meets the requirements of the location in terms of maturity, standability, young plant development and disease tolerance.

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