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Are you looking for a strong partner to implement innovative ideas in the agricultural field?

The central element of our innovation activities are cooperations with public research institutes as well as with private companies and industrial partners.

This includes a wide variety of publicly funded projects as well as individual collaborations with partners from all corners of the world. We have representatives in many crop science and breeding organisations and associations on a national and European level.

Our overarching objectives are the promotion of science and research, a strong network and the international establishment of a competence network for crop science.

Would you like to collaborate with us?


Our North American subsidiary AgReliant has been in partnership with French agricultural group Limagrain since 2000. They market various traditional and genetically optimised maize varieties with new and improved properties such as hybrid tolerance or resistance to various harmful insects.

BASF Plant Science

We have been working in the field of plant biotechnology together with BASF Plant Science since 2010. The joint objective of this collaboration is a 15% increase in the sugar and energy yields of sugarbeets as well as the development of drought-tolerant varieties that require little water and survive periods of drought without a loss of yield.


Together with French firm Vilmorin, we founded the joint venture GENECTIVE (50:50) in October 2011. This joint research platform focuses on genetically modified properties in maize. In addition to improved herbicide tolerance and increased resistance, other location-based characteristics will be optimised in the future.

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