KWS Cassia

14 years on, still the ever-dependable winter barley!

  • Still the highest specific weight (72.4 kg/hl) on the 2023/24 Recommended List
  • Stiff strawed
  • Easy to grow and proven on farm



An ever-popular, bold grained variety with great specific weight, KWS Cassia is still grown across large swathes of the UK winter barley area. KWS Cassia is free-tillering and easy to grow. Over the years, many growers have seen the benefits of the variety’s ability to hold onto green leaf right through the grain-fill period and provide good solid yields of marketable grain. KWS Cassia is medium height, stiff-strawed and requires only a basic PGR regime to ensure the security of grain through to harvest. 13 years on, it’s still depended upon to deliver grain for home feeding and the domestic feed market.

KWS Cassia is no longer recommended. All data is taken from the 2023/24 Recommended List.

KWS CASSIA data sheet

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