International feeding trials with hybrid rye – from Europe to North America


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C. Ellner. I. Rohe. J. Zentek. Latest results of the 6-R project study results from Berlin Freie Universitat

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Dr. Volker Wilke - Impact of rye based diets on the behavioral pattern

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Hybrid rye replacing wheat grain for hogs. Canadian Hog Farmer

Impact of rye (Brasetto hybrid) and inclusion level on finisher pig performance

Increase of animal welfare by the use of rye in modern pig feeding Dr Richard Grone

In vitro studies to characterise different physico chemical properties of some feed grains and their impact in monogastric nutrition

J. Kamphues. High dietary rye levels combined with reduced grinding intensity an effective concept against higher Salmonella prevalence in pork production

Kamphues, J., Specific properties of rye their potentials and benefits in swine feeding pork production

Prof. H.H Stein, Preliminary results of a sow feeding trial substituting corn with rye, University Illinois, USA

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W. C. RUSCHE - Evaluation of hybrid rye on growth performance carcass traits and efficiency of net energy utilization in finishing steers

Wilke 2021 Effects of increasing dietary rye levels on physicochemical characteristics of digesta and its impact on stomach emptying as well as the formation of ‘doughballs’ in stomachs of young pigs

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