Salmonella reduction - for high welfare pig production

Recent studies have demonstrated that providing rye-rich feed promotes animal health. The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) has granted approval for the Rye-SAFE project, together with KWS & industry partners.

  • The Rye-SAFE project aims to investigate if salmonella contamination in sow husbandry and piglet production can be reduced by using rye-rich feed
  • Rye is rich in dietary fibers such as arabinoxylan, digested in the hind gut
  • Hind gut fermentation of (SCFA)s* produce more butyrate, and directly reduce salmonella gut wall attachment
  • Butyrate also acts to positively influence energy supply during farrowing

  • It was possible to reduce salmonella contamination among the animals by two-thirds — entirely without medication and only by changing the feed.

    Willi Behrens of Viehvermarktung Walsrode
Field study: Effect of a High Proportion of Rye in Compound Feed for Reduction of Salmonella Typhimurium in Experimentally Infected Young Pigs

Rye offers distinct benefits for sow feeding which perfectly align to high welfare pig production:

  • Gestation: Rye boosts satiety – reduces stress, fighting over feed & lowers obesity risk
  • Shorter Farrowing Duration: Arabinoxylan in rye is converted to butyrate in the hind gut. Butyrate helps raise energy supply at a time of reduced feed intake
  • Lactation: Butyrate from the hind gut fermentation of rye helps increase colostrum quality & IgG and IgA (maternal antibody) levels

Sow diet (period & lactation)


  • Simplified farrowing conditions
  • Better entry to lactation


  • Ensures high colostrum (IgG & IgA) levels
  • Less MMA (mastitis, metritis, agalactia)
  • Reduced salmonella
  • Reduced stress

Piglet development

Piglet development

  • Better colostrum intake
  • Increased gut health
  • Improvement weaning period
  • Less salmonella
  • Better feces quality


DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture - Aarhus University 2013.

Impact of physical form of animal diets - Kamphues 2018. Grone et al 2020.

*Short Chain Fatty Acids

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