Wheat Optimum Drilling for 2020


What is the importance of variety selection?

It’s a simple truth that 80% of the potential crop production you are likely to see is in-built in the seed you drill.

You can influence it to a degree by good management, how much nitrogen you apply and the standard of your agronomy, but fundamentally what you will get from a yield and quality perspective is locked in when you make that variety decision.

Varieties we recommend drilling first

KWS Parkin, KWS Firefly and KWS Zyatt all perform well in a September sown slot.

Below is a table outlining the seed rates and timings we would recommend to get optimum performance from each variety.

Variety Drill it from: Good seed bed conditions Poor seed bed conditions Light soil type Heavy soil type Comments
KWS Parkin  Mid September  280-300  300-325  250-300  300-325  
  • Medium/light tillering
  • Can take a higher seed rate if needed, but not as neccesary as with Grafton
KWS Firefly  3rd week of September  225-250  275-325  225-250  275-300  
  • High tillering
  • Normal seed rates
KWS Zyatt  4th week of September *225-250  275-325  250-275  275-300  
  • High tillering
  • Normal seed rates

*Good 2nd wheat seed bed

The graphic below is designed to advise you on our wider portfolio of wheats and when each variety should be sown to achieve their optimum performance.

Wheat Optimum Drilling Times


Orange = Sowing for Peak Performance

Grey = Suitable sowing times

View our Sowing for Peak Performance infographic guide!
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