The complete package with Septoria protection built-in

  • Still the highest untreated yield on the RL
  • The most complete package of disease resistance and grain quality on the market today
  • Exceptional resistance to Septoria tritici - the first variety over an 8 on the market



KWS Extase is possibly the most exciting variety to be recommended in recent years. Its amazing combination of end-market potential, yield and disease resistance will make it a variety that every farmer will want to grow in 2024 and beyond. The highest yielding breadmaking variety on the RL, KWS Extase is suited to a wide range of soil types and its regional performance is strong across the board. It boasts the best untreated yield of any variety on the RL at 93% controls; the robust allround package that KWS Extase offers is completed with an exceptional score of 7.4 for Septoria tritici. As a Group 2 milling wheat with excellent grain characteristics, KWS Extase meets the needs of domestic millers and is approved for export with its status. As a French-bred variety, its speed of movement through stem extension is faster than average; growers will want to prioritise it in the spring to ensure that input applications are made to suit the needs of the variety rather than being calendard
It just ticks so many boxes and, as the current mainstay variety, accounts for fifty per cent of our 650ha of wheat.
Ian Matts, Managing Director - Brixworth Farming
KWS EXTASE data sheet
KWS EXTASE growers guide

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