The Super clean bread maker with harvest security built-in

  • Excellent disease resistance including 7.3 for Septoria tritici
  • Very high untreated yield
  • Short and stiff with early maturity



KWS Palladium is the new and exciting addition to the UK domestic bread markets. It is a super clean variety with one of the highest untreated yields on the market today, thanks to its scores for Septoria (7.3), mildew (8), yellow rust (9) and eyespot (6). Importantly, its Septoria resistance has a different genetic basis to that of other commercialised Group 2 varieties. This early to mature variety (-1) is short and stiff with great resistance to sprouting, giving growers security at harvest. In addition, KWS Palladium has good yield potential across all the regions and performs well in both the first (100%) and second wheat (99%) slots.
KWS PALLADIUM data sheet
KWS PALLADIUM Grower's Guide

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