The ultimate performer in the field, in the barn, in the mill and in the bakery

  • Excellent untreated yields – equivalent to industry gold standard KWS Extase
  • Excellent yield performance, especially in the West
  • Good grain including excellent specific weight



With fantastic untreated yields akin to industry gold standard KWS Extase. KWS Ultimatum delivers yield performance to the breadmaking sector. This untreated performance is thanks to high disease scores for mildew, better combination of yellow rust and brown rust than current Group2s and excellent eyespot. On the farm, this new variety offers yield performance across the regions, especially in the west and north whilst being short and very stiff strawed to deliver security at harvest. In the mill and the bakery, KWS Ultimatum delivers good grain with high specific weight, even in in the most challenging seasons such as harvest 2021. It is currently under evaluation by the UK Flour Millers as a potential Group 2 variety and has export potential with a positive rating to date for UKP.
KWS ULTIMATUM data sheet

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