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    Minimize your feeding costs by optimizing homegrown feed – with Seed2FEED

Why Seed2FEED?

Empowering farmers for profitable and independent homegrown feed production

We at KWS want to support you to optimize your homegrown feed. In economic evaluations, farms with efficient homegrown feed production show higher profits and work more independently.

With over 160 years of experience, we have cultivated a strong reputation for delivering high-quality seeds and driving agricultural advancements worldwide. Our Seed2FEED program extends our commitment to the farmer to not only offer high quality seeds for feeding but also provide an all-encompassing concept about and for homegrown feed.

Seed2FEED has one goal: Grow as much feed as possible on your own land, decrease your feeding costs while maintaining high nutritional value in your rations.

Maximizing Profits Through Homegrown Feed: A Key Strategy for Cost Reduction in Farming

Feeding costs comprise a significant portion of overall farming expenses. Lowering them directly correlates to increased profits. To achieve cost reduction, farmers should focus on growing as much as possible on their own farms, optimizing homegrown feed as the key to minimizing expenses.

Since a dairy cow's feed must contain essential nutrients, farmers should tailor their crop plans to ensure homegrown crops provide the necessary nutrients.

Boost Hybrids

KWS are pleased to introduce Boost Hybrids, as part of Seed2FEED to aid variety selection to optimise home grown forage use for the livestock producer.

Boost hybrids are selected only from our newest genetic varieties once national list tests have been completed. As new varieties complete the listing process, we will see more Boost Hybrids in the next few years.


EnergyBoost varieties are generally of the highest energy and starch concentrations to increase ration energy density, ideal for farmers with highgrass ratios in the feeding mix. We are pleased to introduce KWS Temprano as our first EnergyBoost varieties.


SiloBoost varieties are – as they sound – great for filling the silo, typically delivering high total drymatter, and high total starch yields and for use with elevated maize ratios in the mix, promoting maximum feed intakes. Papageno is an excellent example of this and is our first SiloBoost variety.

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