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FAO 150

  • Short season type with full sheath coverage
  • Cattle Feeding
  • Very high starch



  • Strong yield performance in the ultra-early segment – (94%) across marginal sites
  • Rapid early vigour (7.3) ideal for early or late drilling
  • Short season hybrid with full cob sheath coverage
  • High starch (36.3%) and ME (11.79 MJ/Kg) content
  • KWS top selling ultra-early hybrid, replacing KASPIAN and RAMIREZ

Data source: NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive List. First choice varieties for less favourable sites (2020)

CITO KWS is the first in a new generation of short season hybrids – it offers higher grain density and disease tolerance over KASPIAN.
Breeder’s view
CITO Data Sheet

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