Multi-use silage or biogas – wide drilling window…

FAO 210/220

  • Rapid early vigour
  • Ideal for spreading harvest or drilling window
  • Heavy yield potential



  • Significant yield potential on favourable sites (23.3 t/ha DM)
  • Can be used to spread drilling
  • Wide harvest window due to stay green nature
  • Strong early vigour gets early sowing up and away
  • Recommended chop length: 7 – 9 mm
  • Recommended seed rate: 42,000 seeds / acre (103,000 seeds / hectare) in most areas
  • In low rainfall areas: 38,000 seeds / acre (94,000 seeds /hectare) to protect yield
  • Data source: KWS LP251 2019 Average of all sites
KEOPS combines exceptionally high yields and agronomic stability for silage or AD on favourable sites.
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KEOPS data sheet

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