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FAO 170

  • Leading DM yield
  • High grain:stover ratio
  • Excellent vigour for all soil types



  • Leading DM yield (2018 mean: 103% -18.8 t/ha DM )
  • High grain : stover ratio for energy dense silage
    • Starch % (2018: 36.2%)
    • ME content (2018: 12.24 MJ/Kg)
  • Ideal for moderate to high (50 – 70% TMR) inclusion and/or beef finishing
  • Approx. 4 days earlier than AURELIUS in KWS screening trials
  • Excellent vigour (2018: 7.6) for all soil types

Data source(s): FERA/NIAB National List Trials (2018) , KWS LP250 2018

KWS EXELON brings added stability in field performance to the early forage segment. It also has superb grain density, leading to high starch yields.
Breeder’s view
KWS EXELON data sheet

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