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FAO 190

  • Balanced starch and high ME content
  • Perfect for 50-70% maize diets
  • Rapid establishment



  • High yields on favourable sites (19.1 t/ha DM) to reduce your cost of production
  • Balanced starch content (35%) is ideal for 50-70% maize diets
  • High ME content (11.92 MJ/kg DM) fuels animal digester performance
  • excellent early vigour (7.5) provides a rapid establishment and promotes a longer growing season
  • A highly flexible dual use variety for both forage and biogas systems
  • Data source : NIAB NL 2022
KWS ZIMO Delivers high dry matter yields as a maincrop, to fill your clamp for both ruminant and AD performance.
Breeder's view
KWS ZIMO Data Sheet

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