High yield with great disease resistance! Codex is

  • Very vigorous autumn growth and good spring vigour
  • Excellent resistance to stem canker (RLM7) and good resistance to LLS
  • Good resistance for lodging with stiff straw



Codex is a high yielding conventional variety well suited to the mainstream OSR growing areas of the UK. It’s gross output at 101% is on a par with Campus. The stand out feature of Codex is it’s excellent resistance to stem canker, rated at a 9. This is backed up by good resistance to LLS and tolerance to verticillium stem stripe. Codex has very vigorous autumn growth, a key attribute for growers in the fleabeetle hotbed of East Anglia. It has very good resistance to lodging and stiff straw. Codex is marketed on the KWS Oilseed Establishment Partnership (OEP).
CODEX data sheet