The new approach to controlling Virus Yellows

  • Competitive yields
  • Strong tolerance to Beet Mild Yellowing Virus (BMYV)
  • Visibly greener canopy

Characteristics in detail


MARUSCHA KWS has shown excellent tolerance to BMYV in UK trials over the last three years and can offer growers a new tool as part of an integrated approach to managing Virus Yellows. In addition, MARUSCHA KWS also shows a competitive response to Beet Yellowing Virus (BYV).​

  • Under BMYV infection MARUSCHA KWS shows losses of 4% but still yields over 15t/ha more than the mean of KWS control varieties​

  • Under BYV infection MARUSCHA KWS can show losses of 37% in yield, however it still yields 10t/ha more than the mean of KWS UK commercial varieties​

  • Lower symptom expression - a greener canopy​

For best results, MARUSCHA KWS should be drilled from mid-March onwards.

Virus Yellows PROTECT

The new approach to control yellowing viruses

  • With MARUSCHA KWS, the first Virus Yellows tolerant variety is now available in the UK.

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