The new approach to controlling Virus Yellows

  • Competitive yields
  • Strong tolerance to Beet Mild Yellowing Virus (BMYV)
  • Visibly greener canopy

Characteristics in detail

Control of Virus Yellows requires an integrated approach including the development of tolerant sugar beet varieties, agronomic good practice and crop protection.

MARUSCHA KWS is the first generation of KWS Virus Yellows tolerant sugar beet and shows excellent tolerance to Beet Mild Yellowing Virus (BMYV) and a competitive response to Beet Yellowing Virus (BYV).

Characteristics in numbers

Virus Yellows PROTECT

The new approach to control yellowing viruses

  • With MARUSCHA KWS, the first Virus Yellows tolerant variety is now available in the UK.

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Virus Yellows Guide