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    Fertilisation of the Maize Stock

Agricultural fertilisation in maize – optimal support for an ideal development

To grow, crops require a sufficient supply of nutrients in addition to light, water and heat. With fertilisation in tune with yield and location, you can ensure this nutrient supply and lay the foundations for successful maize cultivation.

To a large extent, maize benefits from farm fertilisers, since the release of nutrients most closely relates to maize's needs. Usually, organic fertilisation is carried out in the spring, before sowing. A technique that mitigates losses/conserves soil is important.

If the fertiliser is applied before sowing, it should be flattened and not ploughed. If application takes place after sowing, it must be done close to the ground between the rows.

Depending on the country of origin, farm fertilisers is very different in its nutrient composition. It is therefore necessary to analyse the ingredients.

KWS would like to familiarise you with various aspects of fertilisation, in order to help you ensure your cultivation success.

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