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    Fertilisation of Sugarbeet Stocks

Helpful tips and advice for fertilisation of sugarbeets

In order to avoid yield and quality losses in sugarbeet cultivation, you should bear in mind that beets have a high demand for primary and trace nutrients within the crop rotation, which is why it is advisable to apply a basic fertiliser before growing beets. Soil fertilisation with potassium, phosphor and magnesium is frequently performed even during the sugarbeet cultivation year.

Targeted nutrient requirement values in kg/ha for beets according to LUFA [German Agriculture Analytic and Research Institute] Rostock, Fertilisation Guidelines 2004; Content Class C

Yield expectations Total nutrient demand values (kg/ha)
t beets/ha P205 K20 MgO
60 110-120 450-470 90-100
70 130-140 520-550 100-120
80 150-160 600-650 120-130

Nutrient conversion

Element Conversion Oxide Conversion Element
P x 2.29 P20 x 0.44 P
K x 1.21 K20 x 0.83 K
mg x 1.66 MgO x 0.60 mg
Ca x 1.40 CaO x 0.71 Ca

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