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    Time for a game changer.

    The next level of barley is hybrid.


We took a closer look at your needs and created a game
changer. Hybrid barley is your way to higher yield, greater
resilience, and enhanced grassweed suppression.

Our first hybrid barley variety...

What are the benefits of hybrid barley?

Yield Potential

Hybrid barley typically exhibits higher yield potential compared to open-pollinated varieties, resulting in increased productivity.


Hybrids tend to display greater uniformity in terms of plant height, maturity, and other agronomic traits, making them easier to manage and harvest.

Improved Resilience

Hybrid root systems are significantly larger than those of conventional varieties providing a larger surface area to scavenge nutrients, access water from the soil and provide anchorage for the crop.

Excellent Vigour

Hybrid vigour gives superior competitiveness and excellent suppression of grassweeds compared to conventional barley or winter wheat.

Early Maturing

Hybrid barley varieties give an opportunity for an early drill timing for OSR or to help with harvest workloads and storage logistics.

Genetic Improvement

Continual breeding efforts with hybrid barley can lead to the development of new varieties with improved traits, keeping pace with evolving agricultural challenges and market demands.

A closer look at hybrid breeding:

To breed hybrid seeds, two homozygotic, but as genetically different as possible, parental lines are crossed with each other. Because of the heterosis effect, the resulting heterozygous offspring (“hybrids”) are much more productive than both parents, so higher yields result.

The hybrid vigour makes plants bigger, more fruitful and more resilient than their parental lines. However, it is maintained only for one generation.

Hybrid breeding is used worldwide for many crops. Within KWS we use it for corn, sugarbeet, oilseed rape, rye, sorghum, sunflowers and now also for barley.

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Check out our first hybrid barley variety...

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Kate Cobbold
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Rory Hannam
Rory Hannam
Technical Manager Hybrid Crops UK
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