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In the sugar beet lies the power—biogas from energy sugar beets

The energy sugar beet has become more and more established in recent years as a renewable raw material for sustainable energy production—both in use for the production of bioethanol and for the production of biogas.

Above all, the use of energy sugar beets in biogas production is becoming increasingly important in Germany. Together with the basic substrate corn, it is the most productive agricultural crop in our latitudes and offers a valuable supplement in the substrate mix for the biogas facility with a short residence time in the fermenter. The energy sugar beets on the field are also convincing due to their very high and safe dry matter or methane yield potential.

KWS energy sugar beets benefits at a glance

  • high dry mass yields (DMY)
  • high methane yields per hectare
  • high area efficiency
  • high yield potential even at cooler locations
  • very fast conversion of the energy sugar beet in the fermenter
  • high digestibility of the organic dry substance (ODS)
  • finely regulative
  • increased process stability with the addition of 20-30% energy sugar beets in the ration
  • high flexibility at the harvest date
  • long growing season can compensate for weather conditions fluctuations

Fresh sugar beets are often the cheapest substrate for me. They are easy to obtain and deliver fast energy!
Dirk Ernst, Biogas Facility Operator
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