High yielding conventional 6-row

  • Very high untreated yield
  • Early to mature with good specific weight
  • Stiff straw



Funky has been the stalwart 6-row conventional winter feed barley on the Recommended List for many years. It performs consistently well across all regions of the UK, with its best performances in the West (103%) and has very high untreated yields (88%), making it an attractive option for growers in that region. At a -1 maturity, it is one of the earliest to mature of the conventional winter barleys. Couple that with a short plant type and significantly stiffer straw compared to the 6-row hybrids, and you have an attractive 6-row option for growers to consider this autumn.

KWS Funky is no longer recommended. All data is taken from the 2023/24 Recommended List.

FUNKY data sheet

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