The ultimate risk management tool for barley growers in high risk BYDV situations and those looking to drill early

  • BYDV tolerant winter barley
  • Excellent yield potential in high risk BYDV regions
  • Excellent net blotch and Rhynchosporium resistance



KWS Feeris is a conventional 6-row feed barley that brings BYDV tolerance to the UK market in a good barley package. Like other 6-row barleys, KWS Feeris has excellent yield potential (103%) and really stands out in the BYDV hotspot of the West, where it achieves its highest yield potential (105%). The variety has a good all-round disease package, including impressive 6’s for Rhynchosporium and net blotch coupled with all-important BaYMV resistance and BYDV tolerance. It is a reasonably tall variety, which will aid blackgrass control, but it is stiff-strawed, which will benefit growers on heavier land. KWS Feeris has a similar maturity to KWS Orwell and at harvest will deliver heaps of quality grain with a specific weight of 69.5kg/hl and very low screenings (0.7% through a 2.25mm sieve). In short, KWS Feeris is a great variety in its own right but coupled with the added benefit of BYDV tolerance, it is the only solution for those looking to grow barley in high BYDV hotspots or for tho

Video includes data from 2021/22 Recommended List Trials data. All data above is correct for KWS Feeris.

KWS Feeris data sheet

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