History is created – BYDV tolerance built-in

  • Excellent yields with BYDV tolerance built-in
  • Ultimate risk management tool for those looking to drill early
  • Stiff strawed with good specific weight and low screenings



KWS Feeris is a conventional 6-row feed barley that brings BYDV tolerance to the UK market in a good barley package. Like other 6-row barleys, KWS Feeris has excellent yield potential (102%) and really stands out in the BYDV hotspot of the West, where it regularly achieves its highest yield potential.
In the case of KWS Feeris, its BYDV tolerance will provide growers with peace of mind in knowing that they will not have to worry about infection in the autumn. Large falls in commodity prices since last year have led many farming businesses to focus on de-risking all aspects of their operations.
Nigel Britland, Commercial Manager - East, Wynnstay
KWS Feeris data sheet

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