The ultimate risk management tool for barley growers in high risk BYDV situations and those looking to drill early

  • BYDV tolerant winter barley
  • Excellent yield potential in high risk BYDV regions
  • Excellent net blotch and Rhynchosporium resistance



KWS Feeris is a conventional 6-row feed barley that brings BYDV tolerance to the UK market in a good barley package. Like other 6-row barleys, KWS Feeris has excellent yield potential (103%) and really stands out in the BYDV hotspot of the West, where it regularly achieves its highest yield potential. The variety has a good all-round disease package, including impressive 6’s for Rhynchosporium and net blotch coupled with all-important BaYMV resistance and BYDV tolerance. It is a reasonably tall variety, which will aid blackgrass control, but it is stiff-strawed, which will benefit growers on heavier land. KWS Feeris has a similar maturity to KWS Orwell and at harvest will deliver heaps of quality grain with a specific weight of 69.8kg/hl and very low screenings (1.2% through a 2.25mm sieve).
KWS Feeris data sheet

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