Big on yield and quality!

  • Excellent yields across the UK combined with a very high specific weight
  • Outstanding yields in the East and on heavy land
  • Super stiff straw with twin 8s for standing



KWS Tardis, the 2-row winter feed variety that’s already become a firm farm favourite. It’s one of the UK’s highest yielding 2-row winter feed barley and especially strong in the East (104%) and, thanks to its super stiff straw, performs well on heavy land where it delivers yields of 106% controls. But it doesn’t stop there, KWS Tardis has an excellent disease package, boasting 6 for Rhynchosporium and 6 for net blotch and one of the best untreated yields available (85% treated controls). It’s also early to mature (0 days +/- KWS Orwell) and delivers marketable grain with a very good specific weight (70.1 kg/hl) and low screenings. In short, KWS Tardis has it all – yields, stem stiffness, grain quality, performance across the rotation and a good disease package – KWS Tardis - why plant anything else?
It’s got a really strong set of features that make it attractive to all barley growers wherever they are.In the east, for example, its yield and high specific weight are key but its Rhynchosporium score of 7 also helps make it a safe bet for growers across the country.
Duncan Durno, Openfield Seed Manager
KWS TARDIS data sheet
KWS TARDIS Grower's Guide

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