The 2-row barley that yields like a 6-row

  • Exceptional yields across the UK for a 2-row with a very high specific weight
  • Outstanding yields in the East
  • Excellent disease package



New for winter barley growers is KWS Tardis, the 2-row winter feed variety that’s set to become a firm farm favourite. It’s the UK’s highest yielding 2-row winter feed barley, with a performance that rivals many of the 6-row hybrid and conventional types. It is especially strong in the East (106%) and, thanks to its super stiff straw, performs well on heavy land where it delivers yields of 109% controls. But it doesn’t stop there, KWS Tardis has an excellent disease package, boasting 7 for Rhynchosporium and [5] for net blotch and one of the best untreated yields available (85% treated controls). It’s also early to mature (0) and delivers marketable grain with a very good specific weight (70.2 kg/hl) and low screenings. In short, KWS Tardis has it all – yields, stem stiffness, grain quality, performance across the rotation and a good disease – KWS Tardis - why plant anything else?
KWS TARDIS data sheet

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