Time for a Game changer. The next level of barley is hybrid.

  • Excellent yields in all regions of the UK
  • Very high untreated yields ([93]%)
  • Low brackling and lodging



Currently on the candidate list, Inys is the first 6 row hybrid from KWS. Inys was the highest yielding barley in both it’s NL1 and NL2 trialling years. Its yield is very strong in the West ([114]%), with high yields in the East (109%) and North ([106]%) too. Coupled with a high untreated of [93]%, Inys is a step up in yield from all current hybrid barley varieties. Inys has a good all round disease profile with a 7 for Mildew and 6s for Rhynchosporium, net blotch and brown rust. It is early to mature ([-1] days +/- KWS Orwell) making it an ideal entry for oilseed rape and delivers a good specific weight of 69.6kg/hl. It has shown no lodging on the 2 year NL report 2023 and low levels of brackling (7%) compared to other hybrids.

INYS is a RL candidate variety - all data taken from Winter barley NL 2-year report 2022-2023

There are no differences between individual hybrid barley varieties, when it comes to blackgrass suppression.
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KWS INYS data sheet

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