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    Virus Yellows Protect

Virus Yellows describes the infection caused by different virus strains.

The most relevant viruses are:

  • Beet Mild Yellowing Virus (BMYV) with potential yield losses up to 30%
  • Beet Yellows Virus (BYV) with potential yield losses up to 49%
  • Beet Chlorosis Virus (BChV) with potential yield losses up to 30%

Mixed infestations of more than one virus strain are possible

Aphids as virus transmitter

  • Yellowing viruses are mainly transmitted into the beet crop by

    - the Peach Potato Aphid (Myzus persicae)
    - the Black Bean Aphid (Aphis fabae).

  • Mild winters offer favorable conditions for aphids. They allow the aphid species to survive in host crops and cause early infections in the following spring.

Reasons why we have to act

  • With the loss of neonicotinoid sugar beet seed treatment, combined with a wider use of catch crops and global warming, Virus Yellows (VY) presents a serious threat to sugar beet.

The solution: Virus Yellows Protect

  • The new approach to control losses from yellowing viruses
  • Control of Virus Yellows requires an integrated approach including the development of tolerant sugar beet varieties, agronomic measures and crop protection.

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