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    This tool can estimate different soil production capacity from satellite images and give you the possibility to choose different seeding densities for subplots to achieve an optimal yield in your field

Variable Rate Sowing

Making optimal use of the potential arable land

  • Optimizing sowing with satellite maps
  • Exploiting the yield potential of good subplots
  • Avoid stress on less good partial areas

Variable Rate Sowing for maize and cereals

Agricultural land varies greatly in terms of soil structure and water holding capacity and often changes within an area. This makes it difficult to meet all conditions when selecting the optimum seeding rate. With variable rate seeding, you have the option of responding to the conditions of the subplots

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Customise your land with satellite images

How we do it?

The production potential of agricultural land can be estimated on the basis of satellite images recorded over several years and this data is then transformed into maps for sowing.

How do we read the information?

The greener the shade the higher the yield capacity, the redder the map, the lower the yield potential of the plot. Seed density can be adjusted according to the subplots.


Using different seed densities will help you fully utilize the potential of your area and get the most out of your seed.

But what makes our system unique is that we augment the objective data with empirical values and our own knowledge about varieties
Fabian Böke, Heads of digital tools for corn, KWS

This is how the Variable Rate sowing works

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Service and function at a glance

  • A USB stick is used to transfer the maps to the Isobus terminal of the tractor or the seed drill.
  • A precision seeder, which enables variable seeding, converts the seed map into variable and site-specific seeding.
  • The resolution of the maps is ten by ten metres.
  • In this way, small-scale soil differences within the arable land can be taken into account.

Frequently asked questions about variable rate sowing

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