KWS Granos

High gross output Candidate

  • High gross output
  • Vigorous autumn growth
  • Good resistance to LLS and tolerance to TuYV



KWS Granos is a candidate for addition to the RL for the East/West region in autumn 2022. It is one of a new generation of hybrids from KWS which include the ‘bolt on’ traits that the innovative farmer expects. KWS Granos is a very high gross output variety with an oil content of 44.6%. It has a very vigorous autumn growth and excellent standing. It has medium flowering and maturity and has the PoSh gene. In terms of disease resistance KWS Granos has a strong package with good resistance to LLS (7) and tolerance to TuYV. In our KWS verticillium pot test KWS Granos had an outstanding performance, better than all the current standards. Stem Canker resistance is medium rated at a 5.
KWS GRANOS data sheet
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